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Monday, August 2

9:00am EDT

9:15am EDT

10:45am EDT

1A Insurance Economics ⚑ (Moderator, James Garven, Baylor University) Room A 1A1 Insurance Bundling and Market Power 1A2 Asset-Driven Insurance Pricing 1A3 Asset-Liability Management of Life Insurers in the Negative Interest Rate Environment 1B Risk Management & Firm Performance ⚑ (Moderator - Thomas Berry-Stoelzle, University of Iowa) Room B 1B1 Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Tax Avoidance 1B2 Financial Constraints and Risk Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 1B3 Managerial Ability and the Success in Corporate Risk-Management: The Case of the Banking and Insurance Industry 1C Financial Impact of Pandemics ⚑ (Moderator - Martin Eling, University of St. Gallen) Room C 1C1 The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Publicly Traded Health Systems 1C2 Effects of COVID-19 early release of pension funds: The case of Chile 1C3 Determinants of Early-Access to Retirement Savings: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic 1D Healthcare & Insurance ⚑ (Moderator - Gene Lai, UNC Charlotte) Room D 1D1 Are Health Insurance Marketplace Plans Subsidized by Off-marketplace Plans? 1D2 Financial Impact of Health Promotion Medical Insurance on Economic Solvency Ratio 1D3 A Re-examination of Racial Health Disparities in the United States: Blinder-Oaxaca (B-O) vs. Nonparametric Decomposition method 1E Annuities ⚑ (Moderator - Tice Sirmans, Illinois State University) Room E 1E1 Metamodeling for Variable Annuity Valuation What works and what does not 1E2 What matters in the annuitization decision? 1E3 It's RILA Time: An Introduction to Registered Index-Linked Annuities

12:15pm EDT

1:00pm EDT

2:15pm EDT

2A Healthcare & Public Policy ⚑ (Moderator - Cameron Ellis, Temple University) Room A 2A1 Tort Reform, Physician Remuneration Type, and Healthcare Expenditure 2A2 Does Medicaid Make Private Health Insurance Cheaper? 2A3 Determinants and Consequences of Poor Decisions in Health Insurance 2B Catastrophic Risk- Transfers & ERM ⚑ (Moderator - Juan Zhang, Eastern Kentucky University) Room B 2B1 Innovative Risk Transfer Solution for Extreme Events 2B2 Insurability of Pandemic Risks 2B3 Enterprise Risk Management and Stock Market Reactions During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2C Estimations & Stimulations ⚑ (Moderator - Jill Bisco, The University of Akron) Room C 2C1 Availability of the Gig Economy and Long Run Labor Supply Effects for the Unemployed 2C2 Attributes-Based Conjoint Analysis of Landowner Preferences for Standing Timber Insurance 2C3 Risk-Taking At the Margins: Evidence from Simulated Auto Racing 2D Risk & Utility ⚑ (Moderator - Charles Yang, Florida Atlantic University) Room D 2D1 No-Betting Pareto Optima under Rank-Dependent Utility 2D2 The effect of insurance on pricing strategies and fraud in markets for repair goods 2D3 A Model of Anchoring and Adjustment for Decision-Making under Risk 2E International ⚑ (Moderator - Mark Browne, St. John's University) Room E 2E1 Sustainable Investing in the US and European Insurance Industry: A Text Mining Analysis 2E2 Captive Insurance, Income Stability, and Firm Performance: Evidence from S&P Europe 350 Companies 2E3 The Impact of a Commission Cap: Evidence from the German private health insurance market

4:00pm EDT

5:30pm EDT

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