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Tuesday, August 3

9:00am EDT

3A Cyber / Technology ⚑ (Moderator - Ben Collier, Temple University Room A 3A1 An empirical analysis of cyber risk data and development of cyber risk scenarios Cybersecurity, Hacking and Technology and an illustration of a Cyber Risk Model 3A2 A Token Design for Decentralized Insurance on the Blockchain 3A3 Unraveling heterogeneity in cyber risks using quantile regressions 3B Accounting & Firm Decisions ⚑ (Moderator - David Eckles, University of Georgia Room B 3B1 Fair Value versus Non-fair Value Discretion and Auditor Size 3B2 When gambling for resurrection is too risky 3B3 Patterns and Anomalies of Loss Development in P&C Insurance Market 3C Insurance Economics ⚑ (Moderator - Tim Boonen, University of Amsterdam) Room C 3C1 Why People Buy Insurance: A Modern Answer to an Old Question 3C2 The Impact of Counterparty Risk on the Basis Risk of Industry Loss Warranties and on (Collateralized) Reinsurance under (Non-)Linear Dependence Structures 3C3 Product differentiation and corporate demand for insurance in a duopoly model 3D Insurance Demand ⚑ (Moderator - Yu Lei, University of Hartford) Room D 3D1 The Demand for Automobile Insurance: Evidence from Underserved Areas in California 3D2 The demand for longevity, health and long-term care insurance after COVID-19 3D3 Does Investment-Induced Stress Drive Demand for Health Insurance? 3E Health Insurance-Private & Public ⚑ (Moderator - Jim Carson, University of Georgia) Room E 3E1 Estimating the Consumption Smoothing Effect of Health Insurance 3E2 The Liquidity Sensitivity of Healthcare Consumption: Evidence from Social Security Payments 3E3 Scope Economies in Commercial Health Insurance

10:45am EDT

4A (Re)Connecting Post-Pandemic ⚑ (Moderator - Randy Dumm) Room A 4A1 (Re)Connecting Internationally as a Fulbright Scholar (TIME 10:45-11:30) 4A2 (Re)Connecting Internationally Post-Pandemic- China Greater Bay Area Risk Management Institute (TIME 11:30-11:45) 4A3 (Re)Connecting Internationally- Shared Opportunities (TIME 11:45-12:15) 4B Insurance Economics ⚑ (Moderator - Patty Born, Florida State University) Room B 4B1 Insurance design and arson-type risks 4B2 Optimal insurance under moral hazard in loss reduction 4B3 Sales Tax and Arson 4C Life Insurance ⚑ (Moderator - David McCarthy, University of Georgia) Room C 4C1 Market Discipline and Policy Loans 4C2 Life insurance convexity 4C3 Lagging Behind or Being Shackled? An Empirical Analysis of the Pricing Behavior in the German Term Life Insurance Market 4D Insurance Operations & Oversight ⚑ (Moderator - Anastasia Ivantsova, University of Calgary) Room D 4D1 Board Composition, Ownership Structure, and Cash Holdings: Evidence from the US Property-Casualty Insurance Industry 4D2 Multimarket Competition, Price, and Product Innovation in the US Homeowners Insurance Market 4D3 CEO political orientation, risk-taking and firm performance: Evidence from the US property-liability insurance industry 4E Risk & Sensitivity ⚑ (Moderator - Joerg Schiller, University of Hohenheim) Room E 4E1 Orthogonal reverse stress scenarios for portfolio risk measurement and management 4E2 Pareto-optimal Reinsurance with Default Risk and Solvency Regulation 4E3 Sensitivity-implied tail-correlation matrices

12:15pm EDT

1:15pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

4:15pm EDT

4:45pm EDT


9:00am EDT

6A Regulation ⚑ (Moderator - Jeff Czajkowski, National Association of Insurance Commissioners) Room A 6A1 Regulatory Inconsistency and Shadow Insurance: The Impact of Solvency II on the US Insurance Market 6A2 Optimal Capital Structure under the Solvency II Regulation in the Presence of Subordinated Debt and Frictions 6A3 Rate Regulation Revisited: Does Stringent Regulation Impact Insurance Prices? 6B Retirement-Plans & Funding ⚑ (Moderator - Chuck Nyce, Florida State University) Room B 6B1 Demand for reverse mortgages: Behavioral explanations 6B2 Multiemployer Defined Benefit Pension Plans: Funding Rules and Employer Withdrawals 6B3 Individual Health Insurance Reforms: Expanding Interstate Markets, Medicare for All, or Medicaid for All? 6C Health Insurance & LTC ⚑ (Moderator - Cheng Wan, UNSW Sydney) Room C 6C1 Spillover effect of long-term care insurance on family caregivers' labor supply 6C2 Classification risk in health insurance: The interaction of prevention and guaranteed renewable insurance 6C3 Is Affordable Care too Affordable? 6D Big Data & Technology ⚑ (Moderator - Andrew Hobbs, University of San Francisco) Room D 6D1 Number of claims and number of near-misses for telematics pricing in automobile insurance 6D2 Multi-State Health Transition Modeling Using Neural Networks 6D3 Mutual Risk Sharing and Fintech: The Case of Xiang Hu Bao 6E Insurance Markets & Demand ⚑ (Moderator - Jingshu Luo, Le Moyne College) Room E 6E1 Will Repeal of the Individual Mandate Exacerbate the Decline in Unsubsidized Enrollment in the Individual Health Insurance Market? 6E2 Climate Change and Demand for Insurance: Evidence from the US Homeowners Insurance 6E3 Economic Transition and Insurance Market Development: Evidence from Post-Communist European Countries

10:45am EDT

12:00pm EDT

1:00pm EDT

7A ARIA/RITS- Teaching Practices and Technology: Post-Pandemic; Moderator- Lori Medders ⚑ Room A 7A1 Illustrating Judicial Determinations of Policy Ambiguity with a COVID-19 Business Interruption Case 7A2 Technology Best Practices: Online Teaching and Collaboration, Pandemic Or Not 7A3 Risk Management Scavenger Hunt: An Experiential Learning Activity During a Time of Pandemic 7B Insurance & Financial Literacy ⚑ (Moderator - Anne Kleffner, University of Calgary) Room B 7B1 Insurance Literacy is Different 7B2 Going to the next level: On the effectiveness of a gamified course material to improve financial literacy and mitigate the myopic bias 7B3 What to Offer If Consumers Do Not Want What They Need? A Simultaneous Evaluation Approach with an Application to Retirement Savings Products 7C Capital Markets & Catastrophes ⚑ (Moderator - Daniel Bauer, University of Wisconsin - Madison) Room C 7C1 Hurricane Risk and Asset Prices 7C2 No Shock Waves through Wall Street? Market Responses to the Risk of Nuclear War 7C3 Common Risk Factors in the Cross-Section of Cat Bond Returns 7D Earnings Management ⚑ (Moderator - David Sommer, St. Mary's University) Room D 7D1 Predicting Earnings Management from Qualitative Disclosures 7D2 Does Earnings Reclassification Change Firm's Information Asymmetry? Evidence from Public Banks and Insurers 7D3 Measuring Managerial Discretion in the Insurance Industry 7E Forecasting, Pooling & Diversification ⚑ (Weili Lu, California State Univeristy-Fullerton) Room E 7E1 Rank Portfolio Insurance Strategies: An Almost Stochastic Dominance Approach 7E2 Extreme price changes and individual forecasting behavior 7E3 Pooling mortality risk in Eurozone state pension liabilities: an application of a Bayesian coherent multi-population cohort-based mortality model

2:45pm EDT

4:15pm EDT

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